Diablo 3 – A Reflection On Gaming Maturity

Well, you did it! You got to the end of the game and now have nothing to do. The steams and views on videos are going way down and the popularity of the game is pretty much in the crapper. So what now? As these top, D3 hardcore fanatics complain about being “done” and wanting “end game content,” I have to go back to what I said to people when the game came out. Did you savor it or were you caught up in reaching the end?

Diablo has an end, and many of you have reached it. You are the folks who don’t like the grind, don’t like the starts, don’t like rerolling new characters or trying to win with new builds. You’re the folks looking for that first kill, and that’s the difficulty. That’s enough.
I was in your ranks for some time. I played RPGs and single player games looking to clear it quickly and underpowered. I did this for games like Evolution 2, Tales of Phantasia and now, Diablo 3. Your job is done… we have beaten the game and we now search for the next one. But for many many more people than you think exist, the game is not done. Completion is maxing out the items, getting the achievements and building new characters. It’s getting new rewards, finding new strategies and trying to win with strange builds. It’s trying to beat Diablo at level 1, trying to beat bosses naked or without rares. It’s maxing out the game.
SOMcoverI was once in the ranks of those players too when I had games I truly loved. My first was Secret of Mana, which I leveled to max, maxed out my spells and replayed time and time again, trying to win with a lower max level each time. I played it multiplayer, I played it without using magic and I played it controlling different characters. Legend of Zelda, Link To The Past was another, which I completed with minimal items once and using 0 saves another time. Someday, I’ll beat it with minimal items and 0 saves, probably when I’m doing nostalgia clears someday when I’m old.
I unlocked all the achievements in Star Fox 64 Expert mode, I cleared Mario 64 with 120 stars in under 3 hours. I beat Super Mario World 6 times in a row, trading levels with my friends on a marathon which involved beer (soda for me!) and laughs. On Goldeneye and Perfect Dark, I did everything there was to offer.
I got older. My imagination waned, and creating artificial challenges was no longer my desire. Like me, you want a truly difficult experience, but in a world of casual gaming, the finish line is far too quickly reached to savor the flavor of an epic experience. We goof around and kill end bosses with ease. We can’t be bothered with side quests that detract for the end goal, especially if they lack reward. Achievements are a “waste of time.”

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